A new musical directed by Kevin Shaw and written by Cathy Crabb and Lindsay Williams about legendary nightclub, Dreamers, in Oldham. Act One takes place in 1992, Act Two is in 2015 and it tells the story of four friends and the consequences of one night in Dreamers in 1992. There are multiple locations and the action moves rapidly between them. Almost all the locations are real places on one street in Oldham, The Mumps. I used signs set within a version of the street which are illuminated when we find ourselves in those specific locations. Continuing the theme of the signs there are ghost signs painted onto the brickwork of some of the buildings. Fantastic lighting design by Jason Taylor.

It was extremely well received and got this 4* review in The GuardianĀ http://www.theguardian.com/stage/2015/jun/25/dreamers-review-indie-club-oldham-colisuem-theatre

Photography by Joel C Fildes.

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