Edward Snowden: Hero, Traitor? I’m just a citizen with a voice.

This project was devised at Pilot Theatre as part of The PLATFORM Shift+ project and explored the impact of technology on young people’s lives. The play was site specific and premiered at York High School. The story focused on a young whistleblower and the implications of revealing sensitive information to a wider public. I was lucky enough to be part of the devising process which I always relish and it was a really wonderful team of people led by co-directors Esther Richardson and Cecilie Lundsholt. The school was being used in the daytime so whatever we did had to enable day to day life to continue but there was one space I had complete control over which was the caretaker’s secret room. I had a lot of fun delving into the world of whistleblowing and adding lots of detail for audience members to explore and discover.

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