The Venus Papers

What would happen if Venus landed in her shell on a UK beach? Would she make it through customs? I have been talking to Lydia Towsey, the creator of this show, about this project for many years as it’s grown from a collection of poetry into a touring show with live musicians. It covers a lot of issues I care passionately about; women, refugees, the media, body image, the welfare system. It’s visceral and relevant to today’s world. It has been a real privilege to work with Lydia and the directors Rachel Mars and Nick Field. I made a pop-up book with hand drawn illustrations which punctuate the scenes and represent “The Venus Papers”. A bright pink origami shell continues the paper theme and sheets of brown paper featuring Scott Bridgewood‘s paintings are layered on the back wall with large sheets of paper, light bulbs and paper sea creatures.

Some photo’s (the good ones) by David Wilson Clarke


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